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Embark on an epic journey and discover Europe! With more 25 attractions, you won’t be disappointed!

The lovingly created themed areas, the many magical moments and constantly changing surprises make EPM a popular Minecraft server!

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Our Discord server has been the victim of a targeted Bot attack. Our technical team has the situation under control. We ask players who have been banned as a result of this attack to contact us again at to lift the ban. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Since 2017 we have been designing our own shows with stunning choreography!

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‘Horror Nights – Traumatica’ in Minecraft 2021

‘Horror Nights – Traumatica’ in Minecraft 2021

After the Apocalypse... Evil has taken over in a post-apocalyptic world. Even more dark creatures than ever before rule and spread fear and terror in ‘Horror Nights − Traumatica’, the horror event on EPM. From 1st October to 13th November 2021, five rival groups fight...

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EPM leaves the Parks-Mc Community

EPM leaves the Parks-Mc Community

EPM wanted to react publicly to the outcome of its investigation into a targeted attack on our server on 3 November 2019. As a reminder, a group of people had targeted our server in order to grant themselves all the permissions through a security flaw that has since...

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