About the project

Around 40 people work on EuropaPark-Minecraft, the Rulantica-Minecraft water world and the associated themed hotels every day, to put a smile behind your screens. Our goal is to fascinate you by reproducing Germany’s largest theme park true to their motto: Experience. Time. Together.

We would like to present a glimpse of the story of our project and our values.

The history

On 25th April 2015, it was finally time: EPM recevied its first players – the beginning of an unstoppable success story. The number of thousand players per year, which was reached in the first season, is increasing rapidly and the opening of various European themed areas contributes significantly to the popularity of the server.

Today, our server with around 24,000 players in 2021, over 30 functional attractions, 15 themed areas, soon 1 themed hotel and the associated water world Rulantica-Minecraft, is not only a french player magnet, but also attracts German, Swiss and English people.

You can find the complete project history below

The management behind the project

EPM project has been Europa-Park fans-owned ever since its founding.

Once upon a time…

25th April 2015

Opening the server

28th November 2015

Beginning of the first winter season

19th March 2016

Beginning of the first summer season

25th November 2016

Beginning of the second winter season


30th December 2016

Opening of Ireland - Children's World


14th January 2017

Opening of the Europa-Park Arena

31st March 2017

Beginning of the 3rd summer season


5th November 2017

Definitive closure of Eurosat

25th November 2017

Beginning of the 3rd winter season

23rd March 2018

Beginning of the 4th summer season


5th May 2018

First 3D attraction - Volo da Vinci

26th May 2018

Fire at Europa-Park


7th July 2018

Opening of Silver Star in 3D


26th October 2018

Inauguration of Eurosat - CanCan Coaster

23rd November 2018

Beginning of the 4th winter season

5th April 2019

Beginning of the 5th summer season

22nd November 2019

Beginning of the 4th winter season

27th March 2020

Opening of the anniversary season
"EPM celebrates its 5th anniversary"

25th April 2020

Anniversary evening
Opening of Snorri Touren


5th August 2020

Opening of Ba-a-a Express fully in 3D

27th November 2020

Beginning of the 5th winter season


23rd May 2020

Opening of WODAN - Timburcoaster

28th November 2020

Inauguration of Rulantica - Minecraft

10th March 2021

Fire at OVHcloud which hosts EPM

26th March 2021

1,000th Discord member

17th April 2021

Beginning of 7th summer season

29th May 2021

Opening of Pirates in Batavia


12th December 2020

Euro-Tower in 3D

12th June 2021

Reopening of Rulantica Water World

21st August 2021

Opening of the Portuguese Themed Area and Atlantica SuperSplash

8th November 2021

Launch of the new HALLOWinter season

26th November 2021

Beginning of 7th winter season


9th January 2022

Final closure of the Jungle Rafts and Flight of Icarus

12th February 2022

Opening of the 'Odinrås' twin slides

2nd April 2022

Beginning of the 8th summer season
Opening of the Dancing Dingie

20th & 21st May 2022

Europa-Park Fans Days Francophones meeting


18th June 2022

Opening of the Austrian Themed Area with Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey & Danube Steamer


6th August 2022

Opening of Cassandra’s Curse


5th September 2022

Awarded "Best Park Recreation" at CoasterCon 2022


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