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Summer, Sun & Water Fun throughout

Everything is possible at EPM! In one server you can discover no less than 12 Europen countries in one of the best Minecraft amusement parks servers – discover detailed architecture, cultural vegetation, delicious food, and of course thrilling rides!

Opening hours

EPM is open daily for its summer season between Sat 17th April – Sun 7th November 2021.


Thrilling Rides

Numerous rides are sure to get rollercoaster fans’ pulses racing.

Visitors who are seeking an adrenaline rush should try our spectacular wooden rollercoaster, WODAN – Timburcoaster which twists between two other attractions in Europa-Park’s Icelandic themed area or be launched at 100 km/h on the looping rollercoaster blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2.

Meanwhile in the French themed area, things are getting even more exciting with the addition this summer of the new rollercoaster experience, Eurosat – CanCan Coaster whilst Europa-Park’s highest and fastest rollercoaster Silver Star has riders dropping from the staggering heights of over 70 meter and reaching speeds of up to 130 km/h.

Those wo like their rides a bit gentler can look forward to a vibrant range of calmer entertainment otpions. Visitors can float through the air on Volo da Vinci in our italien themed area. The youngest visitor will be delighted on board Grimm’s Enchanted Forest where they can step into mystical wordls alongside Hansel and Gretel.

And if you’re looking for some water fun during the hot summer days, EPM’s variety of water rides such as Atlantica SuperSplash in the Portuguese themed area or the Austrian Tirol Log Flume Water Ride will provide refreshing thrills.

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Culinary Delights

Dine at one of EPM’s 54 restaurants and food stands. Whether your weakness is authentic Alsatian Tarte Flambée or a home-made waffle with delicious toppings, EPM has them all – and everything inbetween!

Wy not try a hearty snack and a cool beer on the beautiful terrace of EPM’s Erdinger Beer Garden?

For those looking for something even more special, a visit to EPM’s fine dining restaurant Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant is a must. Experience the only 2* Michelin restaurant world-wide within a theme park in Minecraft.

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Magical Moments

EPM is the server with one of the best entertainment offerings on Minecraft with great events and world-class shows.

Among our many shows, discover or rediscover our new water show “Fraternité” on the lake of the French thematic quarter.

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Fun & Relaxation in EPM’s Hotels

Europa-Park’s 4* Hotels, El Andaluz and Castillo Alcazar, as well as the resort’s 4* superior hotels Colosseo, Santa Isabel, Bell Rock and Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel are the perfect destination for a wellness holiday.
Each of the resort’s five hotels offers a unique and fascinating atmosphere and design: guests can discover the excitement of staying in a castle, experience ‘Bella Italia’ or ‘Viva España’, or dive into the history of New England – with a variety of culinary offerings to complete a breath-taking stay. Sample the great culinary delights of the Don Quichotte‘s gourmet buffet, enjoy a pizza at La Romantica, or enjoy a 5-course meal at the 2* Michelin restaurant Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant.

With cosy log cabins, teepee tents, and stage-wagons, EPM’s Camp Resort is another exceptionnal option for an overnight stay where West enthusiasts can enjoy a night among the campfires.

In addition, the adjoining EPM Camping site offers 200 camping spaces.


Recreational Fun for Every Season



Eerily beautiful Halloween

Basse saison

Head for Rulantica in the low season

Winter Season

The EPM Winter Wonderland

The novelties 2021

In the 2021 season, many exciting new features are waiting for our children and visitors! This year, new adventure experiences will not only surprise you at the EPM, but also in the indoor water world next door.

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