EPM wanted to react publicly to the outcome of its investigation into a targeted attack on our server on 3 November 2019. As a reminder, a group of people had targeted our server in order to grant themselves all the permissions through a security flaw that has since been corrected in order to deliberately destroy our creation (the area in question was the main entrance to the park, a symbolic place of the united Europe that we defend).

On this 9th of August 2021, our investigation has managed to demonstrate with tangible evidence the identity of at least two people including ArDiDEx, all of whom are connected to the founder of the Parks-Mc Community.

EPM strongly condemns this type of childish act motivated by the excessive ego of their attackers. We will not give in to the individuals who want to destroy our project and we wholeheartedly support all other Minecraft servers that have been plagued by these acts of jealousy. EPM has since put in place the best security measures to mitigate the previously detected security holes.