On June 22, 2021, ParksMc Actus, a site relaying the news of existing theme parks in Minecraft, unveiled its “Parks Server Ranking” for June 2021 for French-speaking servers. This ranking will be held every six months, and aims to rank the most famous French-speaking theme park servers existing in Minecraft. The criteria for this ranking are: the number of Discord members and the number of subscribers on the YouTube and Twitter platforms. All this is then combined with a system of “Parks” points for all the servers to arrive at a final classification that can be consulted on their website: parksmc-actus.fr.

JDcraft68, founder of the project, is delighted: “This first classification is a testament to the influence our servers have in the Minecraft hobby industry. We would like to thank our entire community without whom this would not have been possible and we congratulate our colleagues for their respective positioning.”
In particular, he added: “I look forward to seeing the evolution of this ranking and determining the long-term positioning that a project like ours can have.”

Il a ajouté notamment : « Je me réjouis de voir l’évolution de ce classement et déterminer le positionnement à long terme que peut avoir un projet comme le nôtre. »

This ranking was made as of June 22th at 3:45pm.

About ParksMC Actus

This a news organization dedicated to the entertainment industry in Minecraft. It includes news, updates, and events from every theme park server in Minecraft. Our Rulantica – Minecraft Water World was the first water complex to get an article in their “Waterpark” gategory, as well as our “Pirates de Batavia” themed ride.
More info on their website: parksmc-actus.fr.