Coasters and Crafters presents the “Minecraft Con 2022”

On 5th September 2022, EPM Resort has been awarded in the category ‘Best Park Recreation’ for the very first time by the ‘Coasters & Crafters Awards’ at the Coaster Con 2022 convention. This is the highest award EPM project has ever won in its history.

The Rulantica water world, which was recently expanded to include the Nordic outdoor slide world ‘Svalgurok’ and ‘Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey’, also convinced the international public.

Germany’s largest amusement park in Minecraft was able to defend its title again against large amusement parks such as ToverCraft and MCThemeParks as well as Disney. The decisive factor in EPM Resort receiving the award does everything in its power to offer its players a top-level Minecraft experience: The public were also impressed by a large number of high-quality attractions but also excellent event management, a love of detail and a high number of new attractions each season.

JDcraft68, founder: “We are thrilled about this great vote from the international public. This success is anything but self-evident, and has to be fought for day in, day out. Winning this award was a huge effort, especially as it is difficult to stand out from the crowd due to the emergence of ever tougher competition. For this, we would like to thank our loyal staff in particular, who do their job with heart, soul and passion and make the visit a unique experience for our guests. EPM is the flagship of our group. It is the nucleus for future development.”

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