Facts and Figures


New Austrian Themed Area
Themed boat ride for the whole family;

  • Completely redesigned ride on the lake;
  • Name: Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey
  • Romantic boat  ride through a magnificient castle garden
  • Different stations in Empress Josefina’s life
  • 26 new figures
  • New musical bands

Newly installed fountain show on a 10,500m² lake

  • Name: ‘Vienna Water Waltz’
  • Arched water features on the lakeside at Fairytale Forest, 2/3 of the length of the lake
  • 54 fountains up to 40m high
  • Water games accompanied by various waltz melodies
  • Lighting with LEDs
  • Duraiton 04:30 minutes
  • Manufacturer: EPM Technique

Newly themed ‘Danube Steamer’

  • Previous steamers have been completely revised
  • Remodeling of the existing train station

New water attraction

  • Name: Tirol Log Flume
  • Height max: 18 m
  • Ride time: 4:30min
  • Capacity: 6 persons per boat
  • Theoretical capacity: 1,600 players per hour
  • Producer: JDcraft68 and his team building with technical department supervised by NathanVlr

German Themed Area

German alley

  • Completely rebuilt driveway
  • Shopping Passage
  • Europa-Park Rock Café rebuilt
  • New themed arched lights


  • 2 theaters completely rebuilt
  • Restructured access to the Voletarium entrance
  • Conference room ‘Helmut Kohl Palais’ reconstructed
  • Restructuration of the aisles
  • Use of newer plans with more accurate measurements

Irish Themed Area

Dancing Dingie

  • Building rebuilt
  • New unique systems
  • Boat fully modeled in 3D
  • New shop at the exit of the Dancing Dingie, ‘Shamrock Gift and Treats’

Italian Themed Area

  • Restructuring of the main road
  • Plantation of new trees
  • Artificial pool between the Volo da Vinci and the rebuilt haunted castle

Swiss Themed Area

Swiss Bob Run

  • 2nd part of a major renovation of the Swiss village
  • Completely remade circuit (height adjustment, new posts, inclinations reaccuration)
  • New houses and new entrance for the attraction
  • New systems
  • Modelisation of all the trains in 3D with their respective colors

Dutch Themed Area

‘Flying Dutchman’

  • New carousel, finshing the offer of the themed area already renovated in 2021
  • New boats modeled in 3D



  • New systems custom-designed by the technical department
  • Fully 3D modeled control panel
  • Latest technology interactive panel
  • Features: gates, safety bars, start and emergency stop controlled by interactive buttons


  • Major redevelopment operation on all server systems


3D models

  • Important redevelopment operation on all the 3D models of the server

Shows & entertainment (subject to change)

  • Holland: ‘Departure to Batavia’, renewed
  • France: Water show ‘Fraternité’
  • Italy: musical chairs moved to the new ‘Le studio’ room

The Europa-Park Stadium make its arrival on EPM

  • New collaboration with TheCraftCrusader, member of an American community of builders.
  • Authorization license to display the Europa-Park Stadium on our server
  • Possibility of organizing major events within the stadium itself

Rulantica : the Water World of EPM

  • 12 themed settings
  • 25 attractions including 17 functional water slides
  • 10 restaurants
  • 4 shops
  • 2 new ‘Hugin & Munin’ twin slides, formely forming ‘Odinrås’

Svalgurok: Germany’s largest outdoor water playground reproduced in Minecraft (not open all year)

  • Ten slides for the whole family
  • Tilting water bucket, filled with 2,500 litres and a splash zone
  • 100 playing opportunities
  • 2.5T moving snake head with light and water effects

Snorri Strand: Water playground for children (not open all year)

  • Two mini slides for little Snorri fans
  • Water hopper
  • Over 1,000 additional loungers and 8 beach sofas
  • New shop: ‘Strandhus Svalgur’
  • New food court: ‘Strand Kök’ with seven stalls, including with fish rolls, Köttbullar and swirl ice cream

Hyggedal: Exclusive relaxation and sauna area for VIPs only

  • Various recliners across 1,000sqm area indoors and 200sqm outdoors
  • Premium offers such as Hygge Sofas and Eggs as well as the Hygge Supreme Hydda
  • Two saunas


  • Creation of a new trailer in 4 languages ​​for the international community
  • Ongoing production of a Making Of documentary for the first time in the history of our project


  • New roof for the ‘Alexanderplatz’ Station (main entrance)
  • New turnstiles systems
  • New music in the Icelandic Themed Area
  • Administrative: intention expressed by the management of EPM to declare the project as a non-profit association

Address: play.ep-minecraft.eu (1.16.5)
Website: www.europapark-minecraft.eu/en
Discord: www.discord.ep-minecraft.eu
Email: contact@ep-minecraft.eu