Europa Park – Minecraft

Pirates in Batavia
(from May 2021)

  • The most detailed attraction ever in our project
  • Area of reconstruction: 14,319 square metres
  • Cubature of reconstruction: approx. 100,000 cubic metres
  • Batavia Area: 7,000 square metres
  • Batavia Cubature: 50,000 cubic metres
  • Water surfaces: 2,500 square metres
  • Water volume: 2,000 cubic metres (1,800,000 litres)
  • Theming: Netherlands, pirates, Indonesia
  • Animatronics : over 100, of which 8 are from the original attraction

Bamboe Baai

  • Bamboe Baai area: 446 square metres
  • Number of seats: 160 inside, 30 outside


  • Red Baron (from 17.04.2021)
  • Flying Dutchman (from May 2021)


  • Puppet Boat Ride in 3D
  • Vintage Cars (from 17.04.2021)
  • Studio78 (new 3D sign installed on the roof)


  • Crazy Taxi in 3D (from 17.04.2021)
  • London Bus in 3D (from 17.04.2021)


  • Silverstone Race Track (from 17.04.2021)


  • Fully renovated Pegasus (opening in autumn 2021) 


  • Matterhorn-Blitz completely rebuilt

New Portuguese themed area

  • Atlantica SuperSplash water coaster (from summer 2021)
  • Casa da Aventura (from summer 2021)

Renovations / Fittings

  • Renovation of the entrance to the reserved parking area
  • Silver Star fully redesigned
  • Eurosat – CanCan Coaster completely renovated (new stations, new systems, new 3D scenery, new 3D trains)
  • Balthasar Castle completely renovated
  • Euro-Mir systems completely renewed including the lift completely rebuilt (rocket completely modelled in 3D, new 3D wheels)
  • Renovation of the Silver Star entrance
  • Renovation of the facades of the cinema aisle
  • Complete renovation of the Magic Cinema 4D (new curtains, new screen, new seats and lighting)
  • Completely renewed Fjord-Rafting systems (new rotating floor in the station, new water effects)
  • Completely renewed blue fire Megacoaster systems (addition of a light spot in the station)
  • Jungfrau Glacier Flight (new 3D planes, new colours)


  • New 3D signs for waiting times (including a waiting time system)
  • Updated all sound systems

Rulantica – Minecraft

Odinrås duel slides

  • Hugin & Munin in 3D (two new twin slides)

New ‘Hyggedal’ area for VIPs

  • Saunas lille & stor
  • Sauna-Bar Hygge
  • Panoraama – bar
  • Hydda Hygge Supreme
  • Sofa Hygge