EPM is a delight for young and old with more than 25 attractions and shows. On an area of 95 hectares, 15 European themed districts with their typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation can be discovered.

EPM will reopen its doors to the public for its 7th season on 17 April 2021. Visitors will be able to enjoy many new features such as the completely renovated Matterhorn Lightning and the 3D London Bus in the England themed area.

During the spring, the Holland themed area will open in its entirety with three new attractions, including the legendary ‘Pirates in Batavia’ attraction where visitors will be able to go on an adventure with Bartholomew on his quest to find the legendary dagger!

Work on EPM’s first 4-star superior hotel, ‘Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel’, is continuing. Next door, work on the new Hyggedal private area for club members is well underway.

Novelties for the 2021 season

After extensive renovations, the French themed area and its attractions are still a must in 2021. The new ‘Eurosat – CanCan Coaster‘, with its completely revamped facade featuring a faithful representation of the Moulin Rouge, will be (re)discovered. In 2021, new 3D sets and a complete reconstruction of its stations was carried out this winter. In the Swiss quarter, the completely renovated ‘Matterhorn-Blitz‘ offers a wild ride over the mountains and valleys. Before reaching the Alpine peaks, passengers travel through a charming Swiss farmhouse. In the heart of this authentic setting with its friendly atmosphere, you can contemplate the daily life of a large farming family and their animals in the Alps, and thus get into the Swiss mountain atmosphere before embarking. After this short ride through picturesque Switzerland, the Matterhorn Lightning promises you a dizzying ride over hill and dale. Be prepared to scream and shout like never before! In the French Quarter, all the facades including the veranda of the Mille Fleurs restaurant have been rebuilt. The ‘Pirates in Batavia’ themed ride will offer an underground boat ride, exotic sounds and unforgettable scenes with over 100 animated characters.

Shows and events for all tastes

EPM is one of the most entertaining servers in Minecraft. Our international entertainers take to the stages to showcase their talents and amaze visitors.
In the French themed area, a breathtaking water show awaits park visitors in the French Quarter. The show, called “Fraternité”, will delight spectators with 16 classic and 5 special water jets. With jets reaching up to 10 metres in height and state-of-the-art LED lighting, a relaxing atmosphere with French charm is generated. The show takes place every 30 minutes. Not to be missed!
This year’s anniversary party will be held on 24 April with a spectacular show in the Icelandic Quarter.
From the end of September, HORROR NIGHTS – TRAUMATICA will be back with 5 new haunted houses in a nightmarish scenario.

‘Rulantica – Water World of EPM’

At the gates of EPM, the ‘Rulantica‘ water world is open all year round and offers an elaborate theming – inspired by the saga of the island of “Rulantica” – and 25 spectacular water attractions promise a good time for all visitors. From summer onwards, the red Hugin slide and its parallel blue Munin slide will form Odinrås: exhilarating and dizzying sliding duels await you! ‘Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel‘ will complete this gigantic extension of the resort. Curious club members will be able to visit it during the year as part of the pre-opening.