Plaisirs culinaires autour des « Pirates de Batavia »

The pirates have returned to the Dutch themed area – and they have brought all kinds of exotic delicacies with them from their adventures. In addition to the popular attraction itself, the ‘Bamboe Baai’ restaurant was also reopened on 29th May 2021 and shines with a renewed splendour. Visitors can finally enjoy Asian specialties on a cosy indoor terrace in the middle of a unique tropical landscape and watch the boats of the ‘Pirates in Batavia’ sail past them.

Built in 2018 and offered a culinary journey through Southeast Asia with the inauguration of the ‘Bamboe Baai’. In recent months, the restaurant has been lovingly rebuilt together with the family attraction and, since 29th May 2020, is once more adding to the charm of the Dutch themed area.

After an exciting boat ride following in the footsteps of pirate Bartholomeus van Robbemond, Europa-Park visitors can enjoy exotic delicacies in the middle of the Indonesian jungle. Guests can put together their own pasta or rice dishes and create their own personal favourite bowl from a large selection of ingredients – from beef and chicken to vegetables and soybeans with various sauces and toppings. For that special fresh kick, there is also a colourful salad bowl as well as crisp spring rolls for those feeling peckish. The meal is rounded off by one of the delicious desserts: sweet, baked banana with a tapioca-coconut cream.

The ‘Bamboe Baai’ is perfectly embedded in the route of the attraction, so that restaurant visitors themselves become part of the final scene of the ‘Pirates in Batavia’. The interior offers space for up to 160 guests, another 30 people can enjoy their bowl under the open sky between the redesigned Amsterdam house facades. In addition, the ‘Batavia Inn’ is a takeaway offer for Asian delicacies on-the-go.

Another special feature of the restaurant is the large stage, which is separated from the dining area by the boat channel of the ‘Pirates in Batavia’. Here, guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment and excellent cuisine.

Address: (1.14.4)