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Do you have questions about our Europa-Park – Minecraft project? We are happy to assist you in the languages English, German and French.

Server address

Version Minecraft

Your contact in France

Discord : GTcamping#0628

Your contact in Germany

Fabian Discord : fsx02#0206

Your contact in England

Discord : TPCapital#0020

Your contact in Belgium
Basile Discord : Basile#0827

Your contact in Spain and Canada

Thiago Discord : ThiagoX#9362

Social Media

Facebook: @EuropaParkMinecraft Twitter: @EP_Minecraft Instagram: @ep_minecraft TikTok: @ep_minecraft YouTube: Europa Park – Minecraft Facebook of RulanticaMC: @RulanticaMC Twitter of RulanticaMC: @RulanticaMC YouTube of RulanticaMC: Rulantica – Minecraft


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