Horror Nights – Traumatica

We will make your blood run cold again from September!

In a post-apocalyptic world, five rival factions battle for power over Traumatica. Never before have there been so many horrific creatures per visitor, spreading fear and terror at ‘Horror Nights – Traumatica’ from 28th September to 12th November 2022.

Subject to change.

Over view


07.10.22 Friday – 7:30pm
08.10.22 Saturday – 7:30pm
09.10.22 Sunday – 7:30pm
14.10.22 Friday – 7:30pm
15.10.22 Saturday – 7:30pm
16.10.22 Sunday – 7:30pm
21.10.22 Friday – 7:30pm
22.10.22 Saturday – 7:30pm
23.10.22 Sunday – 7:30pm
28.10.22 Friday – 7:30pm
29.10.22 Saturday – 7:30pm
30.10.22 Sunday – 7:30pm
31.10.22 Monday – 7:30pm
03.11.22 Thursday – 7:30pm
04.11.22 Friday – 7:30pm
05.11.22 Saturday – 7:30pm
06.11.22 Sunday – 7:30pm
11.11.22 Friday – 7:30pm
12.11.22 Saturday – 7:30pm

Requirements for your entry

Please read all the information about our regulations. Violators will be expelled from the event. Please note: for safety reasons, the “Horror Nights – Traumatica” evenings are not suitable for people with epileptic disorders. Access from 12 years old. No access under 12 years old.

General information

Where? Traumatica area

Entrance: from 7pm to the Traumatica area

Entrance to the houses: from 7.30pm (at 11pm last entrance to the houses)

End: 11pm

The Vampire’s Club and the Not-Alone experience take place every Friday and Saturday, as well as on 31.10.2022.

More information at europapark-minecraft.eu/traumatica.

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