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Information about the closure

Dear visitors and friends of EPM and Rulantica,

Due to a fire that occurred on the night of Tuesday 9 to Wednesday 10 March 2021 in the OVHcloud datacenters located in Strasbourg, our servers were spontaneously shut down. We salute the fire brigade and all those involved for their quick intervention. All the data hosted on our servers was unfortunately destroyed.

As a result, all our servers are inaccessible until our infrastructure is restored.

Fortunately, we have backups that are recent enough not to cancel the summer season. Nevertheless, we have to carry out a lot of research in order to recover all the lost data. Fortunately, the website you are currently visiting and our online shop are not affected. We will keep you informed of the situation directly on this dedicated page.
At the moment, we are able to plan an opening of EuropaPark-Minecraft on 17.04.2021.

Rest assured, the 2021 season will be held as agreed, and all our teams and partners are fully mobilized to restore our infrastructure.

EPM will come out of this event very strong again and we are already looking forward to welcoming you back for:

We were on a Waterfall server (a system linking several Minecraft servers) all hosted on a dedicated server stored in one of the datacenters located in Strasbourg.
As a result, not only is the dedicated server no longer accessible, but all Minecraft servers installed on it are inaccessible.

For the time being, we have set an opening date of 17.04.2021. Rulantica is still closed until further notice and will reopen later.


EuropaPark - Minecraft

Information about the postponed opening

Rulantica - Minecraft

Information about the temporary closure

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