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Our partners


BattleAdventure – PVP/Faction server based on the Dofus/Wakfu universe!

‘BattleAdventure’ is a French PVP/Faction server. Their experience in the modded village allows them to offer you a multitude of unique additions! They have a motivated team and new systems to make your time on the server unforgettable. All their new features and additions are based on an original idea from their community of over 100,000 players!


LunariaSDL – Shanghai Disneyland reproduced in great detail!

‘LunariaSDL’ is a project that aims to replicate one of the world’s Disney Resorts as closely as possible: Shanghai Disneyland. From the attractions, to the shows and even the hotels, they accurately and modernly recreate the famous Chinese park. Despite only one year and a few months of creation, they have 3/4 of the park’s constructions, including a parade, some shows and attractions.


AstérixCraft – the most Gallic of all Minecraft servers!

‘AsterixCraft’ is a server that aims to replicate ‘Parc Asterix’ in Minecraft. The server represents an experience beyond what is possible with a staff that listens to the visitor. Asterix fans or not, come and have a good time on AsterixCraft!


Eliacube Studios – Minecraft servers for everyone since 2017!

Eliacube Studios is a group of game servers whose main goal is to give the best experience to its players, whatever the type of game. We put forward 3 keys in order to allow our players to be satisfied with our services.

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