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The project

About the project

EPM is much more than a simple theme park server, it is a real leisure complex with 2 parks and 6 hotels on a single server.

We would like to give you a short overview of the history of our project and its values.

The story

On 25 April 2015, the big day arrived: EPM welcomed its first visitors. The beginning of a never-ending success story. That year, thousands of visitors will pass through the gates of the park. This number will increase rapidly in the following years, and the opening of the different European thematic districts will largely contribute to the growing popularity of the server.

Today, EPM welcomes no less than 20,000 visitors in 2020, and counts more than 20 functional attractions, 12 thematic districts, soon 1 thematic hotel as well as a water world. It attracts not only French, but also German, Swiss and English visitors.

You can find a retrospective of the key dates in our history below

The management team behind the project

From its foundation until today, EPM has been a project run by hardcore Europa-Park fans.

Opening the server
Launch of the first winter season

The magic of Christmas takes hold of EPM

Opening of the Italian themed area
Opening of the Balthasar Castle Park
Beginning the 2016 summer season
Opening of the Swiss themed area
Opening of the Greece themed area
Horror Nights - Minecraft Preview 2016
Halloween season (24.09 - 06.11.2016)
Opening of the Confertainment Center
Opening of the Matterhorn-Blitz
Beginning the winter season 2016/17
Opening of Ireland - Universe of Children
Opening of the Europa-Park Arena
8,000 visitors in 2016
Beginning of summer season
Opening of Euro-Mir
10 Years Horror Nights preview
Announcement of the construction of a second park
Halloween season (23.09 - 05.11.2017)
Announcement of the renovation of Eurosat
Opening of the Netherlands themed area
9,000 visitors in 2017
Beginning the 2018 summer season
Opening of the first 3D attraction
Opening of the Silver Star in 3D
Halloween season (22.09 - 04.11.2018)
Inauguration of Eurosat - CanCan Coaster
Beginning the winter season 2018/19
Beginning the 2019 summer season
Opening of the Fjord-Rafting 3D
Inauguration de blue fire Megacoaster
10,000th visitor of the season
Beginning the 2019/20 winter season
13,000 visitors in 2019
Beginning the Anniversary season
Birthday party
Ba-a-a Express in 3D

Première attraction dotée de rails modélisés entièrement en 3D

Halloween season (26.09 - 08.11.2020)
Beginning the 2020/21 winter season
Inauguration de Rulantica - Minecraft

Après plus de 4 ans de réflexion et 2 années de construction, nous inaugurons 5 ans après l’ouverture de notre premier parc, un nouvel univers aquatique indoor.

Euro-Tower 3D

Ouverture du nouvel Euro-Tower 3D dans un style steampunk

And many other surprises...