Pure leisure fun

Want to experience real, high altitude flights with Silver Star, defy the roaring torrent in Fjord Rafting, or enjoy the magnificent themes on the Elf Ride and Volo da Vinci, dive into new worlds? It’s all possible in our server … along with much more. The choice is your’s – which attractions will it be?






Atlantica SuperSplash

Afterwards you will feel reborn

Ba-a-a Express

Full throttle across the Emerald Isle!

blue fire Dome

Experience the four elements

blue fire Megacoaster

In 2,5 seconds from 0 to 100!

Crazy Taxi

A fleet of crazy taxis


Dancing Dingie

Set sail aboard the swing boat


Danube Steamer

A leisurely journey thourgh Austria


Nosedive from two enormous towers


Enjoy a breathtaking 360° view

Eurosat - CanCan Coaster

A wilde dance through a Paris night

Fjord Rafting

Rapid ride though a roaring mountain torrent


Flying Dutchman

Turbulent boat trip on a stormy sea

Ghost Castle

Enter the medieval castle

Jim Button

Journey Through Morrowland


Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey

Majestic boat ride through Empress Josefina’s palace garden

Jungfrau Glacer Flight

Flying fun awaits you


Spinning tea cups

Lítill Island - Water Playground

It’s all about water!

London Bus

Our flying Routemaster bus


Wild and rugged mountain ride

Old Mac Donald’s Tractor Fun

A real farm adventur

Pirates in Batavia

Pirates are in sight!

Silver Star

A ride on the Silver Star is pure thrill

Silverstone Race Track

Speed along full throttle


Sleigh Ride Snowflake

Glide through a winter landscape

Snorri Touren

The magical world of ‘Rulantica’


Tirol Log Flume

Steep slopes and high slides

Treasure chamber

A must for every real Europa-Park fan!

Vintage Cars

Drive vintage Ford Model T’s

Volo da Vinci

Ingenious flying machines

Water Playground

Cooling for everyone

Water Rollercoaster Poseidon

Adventurous trip through Greek mythology

WODAN - Timburcoaster

A 100 km/h giant wooden rollercoaster

Red Baron

Up and away in the bright red plane


The pirates are back!

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Leisure fun for every season

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