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Discover high-speed rollercoasters and action-packed attractions!

The blue fire Megacoaster catapults you into the sky and with our wooden rollercoaster WODAN – Timburcoaster you can race close to the Nordic gods! In summer, numerous water attractions such as Atlantica SuperSplash and Fjord Rafting offer refreshing water fun.

Where do you get your adrenaline rush?






Atlantica SuperSplash

Afterwards you will feel reborn

blue fire Megacoaster

In 2,5 seconds from 0 to 100!


Nosedive from enormous towers

Eurosat - CanCan Coaster

A wilde dance trough a Paris night

Fjord Rafting

Rapid ride through a roaring mountain torrent


Wild and rugged mountain ride

Silver Star

A ride on the Silver Star is pure thrill

Under construction

Swiss Bob Run

Speed down a metal ice run

Water Rollercoaster Poseidon

Adventurous trip through Greek mythology

WODAN - Timburcoaster

A 100 km/h giant wooden rollercoaster

Exciting details about the new rollercoaster

Pure adrenalin is waiting for you

1,385 metrres long, 32 metres high and 21 turns will make up the new rollercoaster.
7 trains will be part of it and it spans a total area of 20,000m²


Unique Virtual Reality Experiences

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