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Breath-taking shows and plenty of attractions for the whole family: a visit on our server will leave you with unforgettable memories, because here, dreams come true! Many national and international awards are testament to this success.

Convention Coaster Con 2022

Coaster Con 2022

September 2022

Award ceremony for the best theme park servers from around the world in Minecraft. Organised by Coasters & Crafters Ltd.

2022 – Best Park Recreation

EPM Resort was awarded as the best park recreation in September 2022 at the second edition of the Coaster Con. Taking into account the public’s votes, EPM won as the most realistic recreation server in Minecraft. This is the highest award EPM has ever won in its history.

Golden Guardians 2022

Golden Guardians 2022

August 2022

Award ceremony for the best French-language creations of the year. Organised by the digital newspaper “The Elder Guardian”.

2022 – 3rd Best Minecraft Server

EPM was awarded as the best Minecraft server in August 2022 at the second edition of the “Golden Guardians”. Taking into account the votes of the jury and the public, EPM received 29 votes in our favour.

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