How to connect ?

Do you want to visit Europa-Park and Rulantica in Minecraft ?
You will discover thank to this page how to connect to our Minecraft server.

Please note :
We only accept premium versions of Minecraft.

If you do not know how to connect to our server, please follow these steps carefully:


  • Have a Minecraft account : Java Edition
  • Be connected to your MOJANG account
  • A minimum configuration to play Minecraft

In practice

  • Install version 1.14.4 of Minecraft (we accept versions between 1.14 to 1.14.4 and 1.15.2)

In order to do so :

  1. Launch the Minecraft launcher
  2. Click on ‘Installations’
  3. Click on ‘+ New …’
  4. A new window open, enter the name of your configuration (for example: 1.14.4), in ‘Version’: select ‘release 1.14.4’
  5. If you wish to optimise the desired version, you can enter a configuration in code from ‘JVM Arguments’
  6. Click on ‘Create’
  7. Click on ‘Play’ (to left)
  8. At the bottom left, enter the previously created version ‘release 1.14.4’
  • Start the game by clicking on ‘PLAY
  • Add our server to your list of servers

In order to do so :

  1. Click on ‘Multiplayer’
  2. Click on ‘Add server’
  3. In ‘Edit Server info’, enter the following information:

‘Server name : EuropaPark-Minecraft’
‘Server address :
‘Resource Packs: Request’ or ‘Ressource Packs : Enabled

  • Click on ‘Done’
  • Connect to your server by selecting our server in the Multiplayer list and click on ‘Join’.

Need support ?

A problem to join us?

Contact us directly on our Discord server by clicking here

Frequently asked questions

Is your server available on all Minecraft platforms?

For technical reasons, such as the integration of 3D trains but also of complex systems, our server is only available for the platform: JAVA EDITION.

Why don't you accept cracked versions of Minecraft?

We only accept premium versions of Minecraft for security reasons.

What is your server version?

Our server is only accessible via Minecraft versions 1.14 to 1.14.4 and 1.15.2

Can I connect with the "SmoothCoaster" mod?

Our server is also available in version 1.15.2 to make the ‘SmoothCoaster’ mod operational. Please note that this is not the best version to fully enjoy the server and that lags may occur. Version 1.14.4 is therefore strongly recommended.