You have questions about our Rulantica server? We have the answers!

Discover our water world

The water world Rulantica-Minecraft promises unlimited water fun: the detailed and unique Nordic theme in Minecraft and numerous attractions provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable getaway with your friends or even your family.
You have questions regarding your stay on our serveur? We have the answers!

Access to the server

The water world Rulantica is hosted on a seperate server but is directly linked to the Europa-Park – Minecraft server.

You can access the server via the following address: play.ep-minecraft.eu but also via the address: mc.Rulantica-Minecraft.eu or mc.EuropaPark-Minecraft.eu.
Online tutorial available on our dedicated page.

Access via a menu in the inventory

To get to Rulantica-Minecraft, an openable menu located within you inventory is available upon login to the server. If you can’t find the menu or are having trouble getting to us, please contact a member of our team on our Discord server.
Please note:
We only accept premium versions of Minecraft.

Good to know

EPM Clubcard

Currently, no club card is offered as the many benefits of the EPM club card are merged into Rulantica – Minecraft. There are currently different categories available and they can be found in the price overview. If the categories are changed and/or expanded, you will be informed on this website and on our Discord server.

Retreats (only for VIPs)

Our Komfort Hyddas and our Hygge Supreme Hydda (for up to 4 VIPs) as well es our Komfort Sofas, Beach Sofas, Beach Islands, Hygge Eggs and Hygge Sofas (for up to 2 players) offer exklusive retreats.

General Questions

What are the

Rulantica – Minecraft is open 24 hours a day all year round. The exact opening hours of the water world can be found on our dedicated page.

Is the server open all year round?

As in the real Rulantica, an annual opening of our server is planned (24/25.12 included). We will, however, at times need to close the park for short periods for maintenance, but will announce such closures in advance on rulantica-minecraft.com.

Where is Rulantica - Minecraft?

The water world is located at the gates of EPM and is easily accessible to all our visitors.

Will there be a dress code?

In some servers, you will not be permitted to swin with explicitly showing nudity. In Rulantica-Minecraft, you have to wear a decent skin, i.e. properly dressed or shirtless.

Is Rulantica-Minecraft a thematic universe within Europa Park-Minecraft?

No. Rulantica – Minecraft is a stand-alone water world that is being built near EPM. The water world consists of ten themed areas, and will offer splashy fun for young and old. Rulantica and Europa-Park are two separate parks. The Europa-Park and Rulantica hotels will be served by a mutual shuttle bus.

Will you need to be a good swimmer?

For some attractions, yes to avoid getting stuck.

Is there a spa area?

When Rulantica – Minecraft opens, there will be no wellness & spa area. This will be set up in a later expansion phase.

General information

Can I film on the server?

Personal photos and videos for use in the private circle are allowed, as long as they do not harm other players. However, photos and videos for commercial use are only permitted with prior written permission. For this purpose, please send an e-mail to: contact@rulantica-minecraft.eu.

In addition, we ask you to mention the name and address of the server in the description of the video. This is for copyright reasons and out of respect for its creators.

Food & drink

We offer a wide range of delicious dishes and cool drinks – take a look at our culinary offering! The gastronomy of Rulantica – Minecraft also offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes (the current gluten-free offers are pizza and muffins).

Lying areas

Free sun loungers are available throughout Rulantica – Minecraft. Depending on the number of visitors, all loungers may already be occupied.
All information without guarantee.

Need support?

Any problem joining us?

Contact us directly on our Discord support by clicking on the button below:

A unique waterpark in Minecraft

So when are you visiting?

24/7 open

Do you have any more questions?

Our Guest Service is happy to help.

We can advise you in English, French and German.

You can reach us as follows:
E-mail : contact@rulantica-minecraft.eu
Messenger: m.me/RulanticaMC
You can also use our contact form.