Park and Bathing Rules and Regulations


The purpose of the Park and Bathing Rules & Regulations is to ensure the whole Rulantica Water World area is safe and orderly. The Park and Bathing Rules & Regulations and all other rules & regulations are binding for the user.

1. Connection

  1. The player declares to have read and accepted these server rules.Players under 11 years of age must obtain parental consent before logging in.
  2. Players under 11 years of age must obtain parental consent before logging in.
  3. Please have a suitable nickname and a decent skin.
  4. The use of several accounts with the same IP address¹ is forbidden. If you log in with a second account, you will be systematically banned from the server.
  5. If you have family members who wish to join our server, and they are connected to the same network, you can visit us through a single account. If one of your family members has been IP banned from the server, any other account connected to the same network will be automatically banned. These restrictive measures have been put in place to ensure the security of our infrastructure. If you feel that this is a mistake, please contact an administrator on Discord server.
  6. The use of VPN² is strictly forbidden for security reasons. If you are banned for using a VPN and this is a mistake, please contact an administrator on our Discord server.

2. Admission

  1. Rulantica-Minecraft Water World premises may only be accessed through the designated visitor entrances.
    Access to Rulantica-Minecraft Water World through the Krønasår hotel bridge is exclusively reserved for Krønasår hotel guests, VIP rank and club members. Guests of other Europa-Park hotels must use the hotel entrance on the ground floor. Day guests (i.e. not a VIP or club member) may access Rulantica Water World directly through the main entrance on the ground floor.
    Each player acknowledges the Park and Bathing Rules & Regulations after passing through the turnstiles.
  2. Each player receive a Rula band which has a transponder (RFID technology). The Rula band is used as authorisation for entry and exit, etc. Rulantica-Minecraft Water World also gives each guest with the Rula the option of making cashless payements for goods and service during their stay and having these added to their Rula band. If goods and/or services are bought or used, Rulantica-Minecraft Water World credits this to the guest.
  3. The Rula band must be worn at all times during your visit in your inventory.
  4. Authorisation to enter and stay on park premises applies to the general opening hours specified for Rulantica-Minecraft. If we need to close Rulantica-Minecraft Water World early for technical, organisational or operational reasons, which is not attributable to intent on the part of Rulantica-Minecraft Water World, there is no right to a full or partial refund to the VIP rank.
  5. Admission authorisation expires when you leave the water park through the turnstiles.
  6. Other rules may apply to certain events. Please note the respective instructions for these events. Discord, web pages and, of course, Rulantica-Minecraft Warer World staff is available for this purpose.
  7. Opening hours are made clear on display notices or can be seen on the serveur directly.

2. General Safety

  1. All players must strictly adhere to the instructions of our team members for their own benefit.
  2. All visitors are required to behave properly and appropriately. In particular, refraining from inappropriate behaviour, disruption of other players or of the park’s operations, verbal abuse, insults, failure to comply with the park’s rules, etc., may lead the Rulantica – Minecraft Water World to take appropriate measures, such as warnings, exclusion from the park, temporary or permanent banishment. The Rulantica Water World – Minecraft also reserves the right to expel or ban from the park any visitor whose behaviour is objectively disturbing, or suggests that he/she represents a danger to himself/herself or to other players.
  3. All players are expected to behave in a correct and proper manner. Insults, defamatory, inappropriate, sexist, homophobic, racist, extremist, advocating violence or terrorism will not be tolerated.
  4. For the safety of our players, it is strongly discouraged to talk/share/express personal information (political opinion or religious affiliation) about themselves or another player.
  5. Items that aid swimming, e.g. armbands or life jackets are only permitted in the designated areas.
  6. Any use of cheat software is strictly forbidden.
  7. The distribution or sharing of Internet links (URLs) for advertising purposes is prohibited.
  8. It is forbidden to impersonate a member of the team. If you witness identity theft, please contact a member of our team as soon as possible.
  9. Spamming the pressure plates (especially those used to activate a system) is prohibited.
  10. You are not allowed to access stage, backdrop, backstage or service areas. You are not permitted to climb barriers, fences or walls.
  11. Guests are therefore advised to take necessary care and pay the required attention throughout park premises, i.e. barriers using ropes, fences, trees etc.
  12. All players must wear a proper and appropriate skin. Skins that explicitly show nudity are forbidden. Wearing a skin in a swimming costume is expressly allowed.
  13. You are not allowed to reserve sun loungers and deckchairs for long periods of time.

3. Copy of map and chat

  1. It is strictly forbidden to copy the map, the server is protected by a copyright (n°44A42L5) as well as the intellectual property. Therefore, theft, plagiarism, illegal downloading or unauthorized uploading by the server management is punishable by the French penal system.
  2. Players who ‘attempt’ to copy a map will also be heavily sanctioned.
  3. Please do not spam the chat and avoid abusive capitalization.
  4. Messages that include only capital letters are considered spam.

3. Using the attractions and equipment

  1. Themed water areas and slides in Rulantica-Minecraft Water World are available to players within the scope of the respective rules of use and intended purpose. The may be waiting times for attractions and slides.
  2. The opening times for the individual sub-areas and slides may differ from Rulantica-Minecraft Water World’s opening hours. Technical or organisational downtime for individual sub-areas and slides shall not result in a right for the VIP rank to be reduced or refunded.
  3. In the special conditions, the water world is entitled to temporarily or completely close individual or all sub-areas and slides in order to avoid complications later on. There is no claim to a full or partial refund of VIP rank or of an item in our online shop.
  4. Certain sub-areas or slides are seasonal or may be closed for construction or maintenance, for operational or organisational reasons. Such closures may be made without prior warning.
  5. Some rides, attractions, an shows requires a minimum configuration detailed here. We are in no way responsible for material damage caused by malfunctions of the game.
  6. Visitors are obliged to check their hardware configuration before logging in, to find out about the minimum requirements for playing Minecraft, to take note of the rules of access and use as well as the guidelines and instructions of our on-site team, and to respect them.
  7. It is particularly important to make sure to always exercise due care when getting on and off rubber rings and slides. Landing areas mustb e left quickly. Orders issued by our staff must be followed – failing to do so or maliciously ignoring an order will result in suspension from using any or all rides in the park. Ongoing failure to do so may result in your ejection from the park. There is no entitlement to a full or partial refund of a VIP rank purchased.

4. Advertising

  1. The distribution and display of advertisements throughout our server is only permitted with the prior consent of our server management. This also applies to any form of polling or counting. Blurb and demonstrations for other Minecraft servers or on your own initiative are not allowed on our entire server in any form. In any case, it will result in a mute4 », tempban or ban.

5. Advertising films and photos

  1. Filming and photography is carried out in Rulantica-Minecraft Water World on a regular basis. Signs will be placed on areas or attractions for this if possible.
  2. You are allowed to take your own photos and videos for private purposes provided that you don’t disrupt or disturb other players. Filming for commercial use is only permitted with prior written consent. To do this, please send an e-mail to:
  3. If you post a video on a video hosting website such as YouTube, Vimeo or a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, please explicitly indicate the full server address ( as well as the version (1.16.5) in your video description.

6. Ban and expulsion

  1. We reserve the right to investigate players suspected of violating our rules.
  2. No refund of an item on the online shop (grades are considered as an item) will take place if a penalty is to be applied to you on our server.
  3. The server is authorised, at it’s sole discretion, to expel from it’s premises any person who violates these rules.

7. Vocabulary

1IP Address: an IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number that identifies each device connected to an Internet Network. 2VPN: is a tool for creating a virtual private network in order to change the IP address of the user who is using it so that they cannot be located. This tool is generally used to protect oneself from the dangers of the Internet. However, when a malicious user uses it, it can have serious consequences for the victims and this is why we have decided to ban it for security reasons on our server. 3Mute: this is a command that allows you to forbid the player to express themselves verbally in the chatroom. This removes the player’s permission to send messages in the server chat. 4Cheat: this refers to all the means used to modify the rules of the game to gain an unfair advantage during a game. The player using these means is called a cheater.