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Please note:
We only accept premium versions of Minecraft.
For security reasons
For security reasons, we do not allow Halloween skins. We also ask you to use an appropriate Minecraft nickname. Please follow the instructions of our staff carefully.
Violators will be excluded from the event.
Is there an age limit?
Access is allowed for visitors aged 12+. Visitors under the age of 12, have NO access to the event.
Who is Traumatica-Minecraft suitable for?
Traumatica – Minecraft is generally suitable for all fans of horror events aged 12 respectively.
The event is not suitable for people with epilepsy disorders. The event contains horrifying sounds and effects that may offend young and unsuspecting audiences.
What will I experience at this event?

During Horror Nights – Traumatica, visitors follow a trail through a darkened section of the park, where live actors, disguised and made up to scare them, jump out on them.

A choice of 5 haunted houses forming the main attraction await you, with all the attendant scary sound, lighting and other effects. Groups of visitors enter on foot and make their own way through the houses, each with a different theme. At no point will any of the actors touch you, and we ask that you do not touch them.

Can I visit all of the attractions?
Due to the size of the event, it can not be guaranteed that all attractions (horror houses, scarezones, shows, etc.) can be visited and completed. In order to visit all of the horror houses we recommend the Shoxter-Pass included in our VIP rank.

To ensure that all houses of horror are visited, we recommend that you buy one of our VIP rank. To increase your chances, there is an overview of the waiting times in the evening. These are displayed on various screens at the event.

In order to understand the story of Traumatica, will I need to prepare ahead of time?
No, the Traumatic world is built in stages, you can experience the event and enjoy without having previous knowledge.

However, the more you know about the story world, the deeper you can immerse yourself and discover more things / characters / teasers / Easter eggs. An overview of the Factions and their characteristics can be found here.

Can I buy food?
Besides the main attractions, you will find several food- & souvenir-stands inside the event-area.
When will the ‘The Traumatica Show’ take place?

The show, with singing and acrobatics, takes place in the ice stadium. The show times are communicated in the evening at the event via screens and in our Discord server.

Are there other shows or attractions
The “Matterhorn Blitz” and “Cassandra’s Curse” attractions is open for event-guests.
When must I be there? When is it over?

Admission in Horror Nights – Traumatica is at 7.30pm, in the waiting area at 7pm. Last admission in the horror houses/mazes is at 11.00pm. Early arrival is recommended due to the preshow.

When does the Vampire's Club open?
The Vampire’s Club, a club with DJs and a bar, opens on select evenings at 11pm.
Can I wear a horror skin?
Players wearing a horror skin do NOT have access to Horror Nights – Traumatica.
Where is the entrance to Horror Nights - Traumatica?

The entrance to Horror Nights – Traumatica takes place through a separate entrance (not the Europa-Park main entrance). Players log in to the normal server spawn.

After the pedestrian tunnel between the car park and the Europa-Park ticket offices, follow the signs to Horror Nights – Traumatica. The path leads over a cycle path to a separate entrance. This is also the exit after the event, or a Vampire’s Club visit.

Subject to change.