The Resistance rises

Not all people have been lost … the toughest, most paranoid and best-equipped fighters have joined forces to form ‘The Resistance’ – a strict military organisation.
Their goal is to gain control over Traumatica and to exterminate every bloodsucker in this world. With goals like these, there is not much room for morality. In order to fight the monsters, they have become monsters themselves.

Resistance – House of Rotters
Rotters have taken the Resistance bunker and driven them away. The Resistance want to recapture it, but they need your help. The Rotters Magnetic Pulse Device must be activated. The RMPD is able to take the herds of brutal creatures out of action, at least temporarily. Will it give The Resistance enough time to storm the bunker and retake it?

Their attributes

  • Strength 40% 40%
  • Blood thirst 20% 20%
  • Evil 60% 60%


The lack of guidance led to the loss of the bunker. While there is a potential successor, it seems like he’s fighting an even bigger battle and must heal his wound before he can lead the Resistance.

The factions

Five Factions populate the world of Horror Nights – Traumatica, that they all wish to take over. Look at the other four factions and choose yours!